About Javier

Javier Salas is an independent communicator in Chicago Illinois, recently was
 the radio host of the morning show “Un Nuevo Día” and he also host “Primera Plana” news morning TV show on Telefutura Chicago.
Javier is one of the most listened-to Spanish broadcasters in Chicago Illinois. He is a veteran of the Chicago radio airwaves and recently his Un Nuevo Dia show accomplished its 10th year anniversary, making his show the longest show in the Spanish radio history in the US. 

His radio style is fresh, funny, upbeat, and innovative. It is down to earth but also irreverent and controversial.
Javier is an EMMY winner, Studs Terkel Awarded and Marconi Award Nominee. He is proud to be of Mexican origin.

The Illinois Secretary of State, the Governor of Illinois, The Mexican Government and several Illinois Mexican Federations have awarded him for the work that he has accomplished in working with his community.

He is considered one of the best communicators in the local Spanish Chicago market.  The Illinois Secretary of State, The Governor of Illinois and several Mexican Federations have awarded him for the work that he has accomplished in working with his community. Javier Salas is an EMMY winner, Studs Terkel Award and Marconi Awards Nominee. He is very proud to be of Mexican origin. He was named Community Hero for lighting up the Chicago Skylight with the colors of the Mexican flag during the independence celebration. He also produces and directs community theater plays.

  Few years ago him and along with the Zacatecas Federation of Illinois collected money to erect a billboard in support of Immigration Reform. He is an avid advocate of comprehensive immigration reform issues espe

cially given the fact that he is an immigrant who lived through the maze of the current immigration laws culminating in his citizenship in 2003.

  His community considers him a voice for them. Javier Salas is very interested in the Mexico-US politics that affects and benefits the immigrant communities.  He is one of a US advisers of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad, an honorary and voluntary position in the Mexican government. 

Javier Salas lives in Chicago with his wife, Roberta, and their children, Inez and Elijah.